Red Kryptonite

Could it be... Red Kryptonite! Better get Superman's lead suit out of the laundry. No, sorry folks the picture above is not what you think. Its not the legendary weakness of the Supes Fam, the crash site of the mighty Thor's Hammer, nor is it a Mystical Red Ring of Power!

What you see before you is $120 worth of steak that was consumed, digested, and regurgitated by this man...

One Tru Nugyuen, whose day of birth was celebrated at one of those fancy Brazilian Steak Houses! You know the kind where Gauchos come skipping around with swords laced with meats... Apparently, Tru here couldn't handle the deadly combination of Alcohol and Flesh.

You have much to learn my young Padawan.

Our final stop on the Golden Age...

Okay, okay... You folks are already probably tired of being in this time in history, but there is a couple of things I want to cover before we move on. So sit back and get some popcorn!

World War II Propaganda

If you thought Fu Manchu and Charlie Chan were a low blow to Asians and Asian Americans, then guess again, here's another one.

Above you will notice a very similar theme... Proud American Heroes kicking the stuffing out those Damn Japanese Devils!

The popularity of comic books during this bleak time raised moral for many young Americans. Characters like the super soldier Captin America and all American fighting machine Sgt. Rock were born to bring hope to Americans. Like all heroes, these characters needed villains and the Axis of Power provided a good basis for Monstrous and Atrocious adversaries.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the Axis of power wasn't evil or that they were mistreated, but the propaganda advocated at this time created negative affects on Asian and Asian Americans. You will notice in the pictures above that the same characteristics from the age of Yellow Peril were being used to describe the Japanese. The same characteristics could also be applied to all Asians and Asian Americans, thus continuing anti-Asian sentiment.

Before you say I'm jumping to conclusions, I just want to bring up one thing. Let us not forget the many Japanese Americans that were sent to Interment Camps because they were seen as the enemy...

The End of Golden Age

By the end of the War, comics books were evolving from Superhero/Solider war time stories into Horror and Sci-fiction tales. And the public became concerned about the inappropriate material. The final blow came from Dr. Fredric Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent, a book that placed comic books under a microscope. Wertham described comic books as the leading cause of child delinquency and he convinced the public to put regulations on the contents of the books.

Pressure from the government caused many Publishers to redefine characters and stories. In the end this evolution would bring about a new era, The Silver Age.

Preview of the Silver Age

The Silver Age would redefine the image of superheroes and at the same time it would bring about the first Asian American hero, Jimmy Woo

That's right you heard me correctly, an Asian American comic book hero. And just like the cliffhanger from Heroes, you're going to have to wait another week for the story behind it all...

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Loren said...

Oh, cool! I just happened to randomly fall upon your blog through Technorati. I run a blog called ONE DIVERSE COMIC BOOK NATION which looks at diversity in comic books and the comic book industry. It's good to know that there's another Asian American comic book fan out there blogging about Asian Americans in comic books! I'm adding you to my Google Reader!

Amol said...

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the blog posts. Please don't beat me, Master Benhur.
Those comics are pretty damn offensive. And not just to the scores of four-legged japanese rat-people who live in tokyo subways.
For further reading, check out "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Klay" which details the golden(?) age of comics and their connection to WW2.