Special thanks goes to Rachel Ray, without her this steak would not have been possible. This steak goes well with a nice Jim Beam on the rocks, then again everything is good with Jim! Here's a tip for thoes interested on how I made this sucker, brown on each side and place in oven on 450 until you feel like the meat may give you a heart attack.

Any one keeping up with Heroes?

Thanks Nikki's xanga and NBC

This show is probably the only thing keeping me alive before they bring back 24. Oh no... the two are on the same night, well come January if you don't hear back from me it is safe to assume that I've died of an aneurysm. Gotta love the fact that there's two Asian characters on the show that aren't villians! We'll get more into that idea later.


So last week we talked about the origin of comics. This week we'll focus on the beginning of comics popularity with The Golden Age.

The Golden Age of comics begain rougly in the 1930s and lasted to about the early 1950s. It probably best represented with this classic comic book:


The Golden Age gave birth to the idea of Superheroes, people with extraordinary powers fighting crime and sticking up for the little guy. You can thank Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster for the idea, these two bad boys created Superman!.

You see folks before the Golden Age, heroes in comic books were either historical figures or vigilantes. Which brings us to this guy...

Last week I showed you this character, his name is Wing and he's Chinese American... hopefully. Well he's not a superhero or vigilante, he's more of a side kick. You see he was the assistant for the classic hero The Crimson Avenger. Like Kato to the Green Hornet, Wing played servant to The Avenger. After a hard day of cleaning after the millionaire playboy he would get into thoes yellow pj's and fight crime. I wish I had better pictures, but the character was pretty much an amalga of all the Asian stereotypes developed: yellow skin, big teeth, and super slanted eyes. I say hopefully he's Chinese American because the creators of the comic never gave him a proper back story. Then again, they never give the sidekick a good back story. At any rate, keep Wing's description in mind because the history of the Golden Age doesn't get better for Asians and Asian Americans. Next week we'll dive deeper into this idea and I'll you show some surprises! Until then have a Happy Ween!


Mark Pyk said...

I guess he was the original "Wing-man" or Wing and Rib Tip Man.... arggg stupid Buffalo Wild Wings..... Speaking of Wings and Chinese people.. there was a chinese restuarant over on Taylor between Racine and Loomis that was named Wing. How about that for a Full Circle!

Benhur said...

Hahaha! Funny thing is I did eat at that resturant once... they have good fried rice which is sorta Chinese American dish... totally full circle!

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