Gravy Baby!

Thank you Bob Evans for decreasing my life span! Yes, everyone I ate a bowl of gravy over the weekend and to be honest I'm sorta proud of it! I mean come on, only Lumber Jacks, Wolverine, and Robert Atkins could get away with eating such savory garabage!

I just remembered that when I took my first bite I sware I could hear my father's voice whisper in my ear,

"Today you are a man my son!"

And with that a small salty tear dropped from my eye and my heart begged The Almighty for a new body.

Seriously Folks...

Last week we took a look at the Golden Age of comic books and the character Wing. A good question comes up:

"Why does Wing look the way he does?"

Well we have to go back in time again, so if you be so kind to turn on the Way Back Machine:

Yellow Peril

The picture above is from the late 19th century, you see back then Westerners weren't too welcoming to Asians. In fact during this time nobody was welcomed, remember the movie Gangs of New York? People were worried that Asians would come on over and slowly take over the world, but mostly they worried that Asians would take over their jobs...

heard that one before *wink* *wink*

This fear and worry begot hate and many people decided that it was a good idea to portray immigrants as being less human and villainous. Thus Asians were transformed into these yellow skinned creatures with slanty eyes and big ugly teeth... I ask you do I look like this guy:


Okay okay, I will admit he has more charm! Keep this in mind folks because next week we'll be discussing this gentleman...

Until then, folks go finish off the last of the Ween candy but save some for Easter!

Please feel free to leave a comment, because you can save a cheerleader...


Amol said...

Oh man. bowl of gravy! You really are a man. Did you go outside and wrestle a bear and benchpress a pickup truck afterwards?

Benhur said...

I wish! I spent the morning not getting a headache and washing it down with a glass of Jim Beam Black!

Thanks for the post!