Back in the Saddle Again

We Got Him!

Where the hell have you been?

This question and this question alone, is probably the only question you have for me right now. And granted I feel like a estranged father that hasn't paid child support since Ricky Maritn was in Menudo. But ladies and gentlemen, I have returned and I'm back to tell you more about Asians and Asian Americans in comic books.

Just to let you know why I've been gone, well...

I got laid off

I'm okay and I don't need any more support. All I can really say is...

"Let those poor bastards who did this to me feel the Vengeance of the Ghost Rider"


"Well at I hope for those a'holes to get a bad rash!"

Any way... don't worry about me folks, I'm back working again and I don't have to resort to selling my kidneys to support my comic book habit!

Where Was I Last... Ah yes!

I was recently talking about the new Agents of Atlas, a Silver Age group lead by Asian American Jimmy Wong. And as you remember the Agents made an appearance in 2006 self entitled miniseries, which has recently ended. I'm betting you're wondering how I felt about the series?

Well, I liked it in the beginning... But the ending could have been better. Let me just show you this SPOILER panel.

Well if you read the series or if you just like twist surprises, let me just say...

"I like my plot twists like how I like whiskey sours, heavy on the whiskey and easy on the sour"

Any How!

Before I regale you with more history about Asians in comic books. Many of my few readers have been asking...

"Hey Benhur! How did you get so dorky?"

Well kids, it starts with the very thing that started my love for comic books... Marvel Comic Trading Cards!

Yes, yes... I spent many nights alone with my cards reading over and over again the back stories behind all of my favorite comic book characters.

I started collecting way before I started collecting actual comic books! I was really interested in the stories behind each characters and it intrigued me to see the stories would intertwine with other characters. Eventually, I wanted to know more and so I decided to collect the books so I could perpetuate my knowledge of all those fictional characters. Sometimes I feel like a secret agent looking at pile of dossiers, awaiting the moment where I can use my knowledge to save those I love. But until then, I'll just let you, the few who read my rants, the pleasure of sharing my somewhat vast knowledge.

Well, I'm too drunk to write any more and I have a feeling I'll be writing again very soon. I promise, by Thor's Hammer I promise, and that's a pretty tall order if you ask me! Well get ready for next week as we take one last look at the Silver Age and get ready to venture out to another major era in comic book history!

Hey kids! do you want to see me in person! Tell the good people at MAASU that you want to see me! And if they don't well, then I guess I'll have to unleash my full power... Shameless Begging!

Till Ragnarök my minions, leave me a comment!

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