Love is a Battlefield!

I love you
Happy Valentine's Day... you filthy animal!

Behold my villainous vassals the Death Day is upon us, Valentine's Day. Yes, Valentine's Day, the day when good school going children all around the world buy those ridiculous cards that make pansies out of the most manliest Superheroes...

I remember when I was a lad, my mom bought me a whole pack of Batman Valentine's Day cards. You know the kind that displayed the Cape Crusader in action poses with hearts all around him. And some of the cards would read...

I'll swing for you, my Valentine or Going Batty about you!

I was so overly excited to pass these around and I hoped that each of my classmates would say, "Man! Ben, these are the best Valentine's day Cards ever!" Instead, the same cards were also being passed around like old French Whores

But seriously folks! I don't think dipping the Dark Knight in rich chocolate will scare many of Gotham's shady underworld. Nor do I think the hearts surrounding him will protect him from gunshots, stabbings, or the occasional acid spray. At best, he could better his chances with the ladies! And if that's the case, then I'll start pouring candy hearts down my pants!

The Swingin' 60s

Alright enough Valentine's Day stuff, lets focus on the good stuff! Last time I spoke we were taking a look at the Silver Age of comic books. To recap, this period of time in Comic Book history primarily resides in the 1960s.

http://www.samcci.comics.org/nickfury/nfs04.jpgAt the time artists like, Jim Steranko, were applying new art styles to comic books. Some of the styles would include naturalism, Surrealism, and graphic designs.

In addition, the Silver Age opened new doors for legendary comic book creators Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Steve Ditko. These legends were responsible for the creation of such characters like The Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Spiderman, Thor, and other Marvel favorites.

And of course lets not forget...

Iron Man

I make a big deal out of ol' metal pants here, because his origin is riddled with the most ridiculous Asian stereotypes I've ever seen! But alas, we shall have to wait until next week...

Join us next week as I explain the origin of the Man in the Iron Suit!

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mimz said...

happy valentine's day again. i got you a pack of "The Legion of Superpets" valentine cards. I wanted to get you Aqualad but they ran out... sorry. Maybe next year..

Benhur said...

Well if you got me some Spiderman undies, then we can call it even!

Mark said...

I "Love" Ben's Comic Book Blog!