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I happily visited the city of Geneva, IL last weekend. It was a weekend filled with days spent frolicking in the grass and nights watching the stars. However, nothing could have prepared me for the picture above! I was coming out of the Geneva Commons bathroom and was stunned by this captured beauty! My first thought were...

Hey, if I was a proud father I would have the same reaction, NO! Seriously, the guy freaks me out. Its almost as if he's listening to whale songs or awaiting for the rebirth of some Unholy Beast! Maybe he's awaiting the day when he himself will be reborn anew. If you take a closer look you can see the reflection of a real baby. Kind of creepy, which makes me believe the following...

Could this be the coming of Armageddon as told to us by the masterful and enchanting Ghostbusters II. I hope not, but this really could be the end and this picture says it all...

God Bless America!

Speaking of Ragnarök

So, I picked up Essential: The Might Thor Vol. 1 and last week I discussed Essential: Fall of Communism Vol. 1! And so now we continue on with our Journey Into the Mystery with more thoughts from this graphic novel...

Worry not Comrades, the Fall of Ameri-con-skis is Soon!

To recap: Thor the might and handsome Norse god of Lighting, Commie Hating, and Ass Kicking decided to bond with All American, frail, and man pansy, Donald Blake. Together they defended the American Way by beating foes with a mighty Hammer! However, Communist Russia wasn't the only Red Foe that the mighty Thor had his sight on. In issue 93 of Journey Into Mystery, Thor decided to head east to defend India from the Communist grasp of Red China!

In India, Donald Blake joined America's Fighting Force to help maintain democracy for our eastern brothers and sisters! The Chinese are invading and secretly Don's brought back up. Back up being a magical Cane!

You're thinking, "What will a silly shillelagh do?"

Well, with one might stomp it can summon the power of Thor! Is that fine with you or do you require some kind of large gun?

Any way, Don doesn't hold back and as soon as he sees the opportunity to drop the hammer he's on the Chinese like railroad spikes. Thor is no stranger to the battlefield and makes a mockery of his opponents by stealing their tanks.

Yes stealing tanks...

Bad Ass!

If you have ever been hassled or embarrassed by a Bully, well your first thoughts are... "I'm so going to get you, mark my words!"

The Red Chinese are no different and so they plan on getting the Blonde Thunder Lord back by holding, to what I think is a pretty sinister internet forum! Of course this is neither the time nor place for the internet, but they did have a forum and this picture sets the degree of seriousness in the air:

Anyone got any 10+ HP gear?

This scene totally reminds me of a WoW group joining together to vanquish some Level 99 adversary! All the pissin' and moanin' attracts the attention of (Level 40 intelligence) Chinese scientist, Chen Lu. He seems to have a way to stop Thor, of course his government is really enthusiastic about all this:

Failure = Death

Talk about Deal or No Deal! Sadly, this is where we must stop for this week. Sorry, I'm a sucker for cliffhangers and you can thank Heroes for that. But I will leave you with these parting words...

Next week we got a sale on Radiation and at Home Hypnosis

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palo said...

to mock them Thor should of considered not stealing all their tanks and could of stole all their nuclear warheads instead and said "Hey, you are the dumb! LAWL!"