A Delay Today...

The heart warming tale of Radoactivity and China will be told soon!

Congradulations to me, The Might Benhur B. Calaguas, for tonight I have an opprotunity to meet yet again meet my real life heroes! Yes, yes! Yours truly will be spending the evening hanging out with the editors of Giant Robot magazine. I'll explain the how and why later.

I just wanted to let my minions know that there will be a delay in posting this week. So, feel free to look at my older post, bask in my splendor, or arrange verbal attacks through comments. What ever the case maybe, do not fear! Your leader will not abandon you, so says... THE HUR!

Don't mind me, I'm feeling very villainous today!

A pox on thoes who dare not believe my claims, my return is swift and deadly!

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