And Yellow Peril Strikes Again!

I thought we went over this?

Good eve ladies and gents, above is Asian Hero Radioactive Man in the latest issue of Civil War: The Initiative. Check out the face on that guy. Does this look seem a little familiar? Maybe something to the likes of this...

Thanks Wing! What a nice set of choppers you got there!

I really don't hold a grudge a against the artist who drew this rendition of our Jade Emperor, I'm simply going to label this blatant ignorance. But you must know that I, Benhur Calaguas, can't just let this go without saying something. After many years of believing that Yellow Peril art was slowly disappearing, something like this appears and it makes me feel like Asian and Asian American Heroes are set back another hundred years! That is why I must continue to write in the hopes you, the few who can tolerate me, will inspired to write, create, or tell your own stories of Asian and Asian American Heroes! We must not let this stand! So I decided to write to Marvel and Joe Quesada about this and I'll try not to seem too jerky, wish me luck!

Setting us back another century!

Let's get educated again

Okay, so lets talk about Iron Man Again! Last time we spoke I told you of his plan to check out the sites and sounds of war torn Vietnam! You see million dollar man Anthony Edward Stark decided to go on a little business trip to show compatriots of democracy some new fangle transistors! Until this man ruined his Champagne Dreams and Caviar Wishes...

Oh Wong Chu... when are you ever going to learn!

Thats right folks, the scourge of North Vietnam... Wong Chu! Although I cannot say I'm very knowledgeable about the culture or naming traditions Vietnam, but I don't think Wong Chu is a common Vietnamese name. Well let me just say, "The Research" wasn't all there.

Any how, if it hadn't been for Wong Chu's love for American Billionaires and Boobie traps then ol' Tony wouldn't have gotten that piece of shrapnel stuck to his chest. But it gets better check out the old Vietnamese sage who comes to his rescue...

Yinsen! Sounds like something my parents made me drink when I got sick last week

So with his mentor's help, they make the suit of armor and KABOOM! Tony's mentor gets shot and it ends with him giving Wong Chu a new one...

Okay, so I didn't make Iron Man's story too dramatic. The point is... even during the Silver Age no one could put heads or tails together on Asians. So through shoddy research and stereotyping, a loose based Oriental culture was formed thus categorizing every Asian person as a member of Super Asia Land. Wow, its a nice place to live but I wouldn't want to visit.

But wait there's more, join me later this week as we take a closer look at Iron Man's classic foe, The Mandarin!

*Side Note For an unbiased interpretation of Iron Man's origin check out Scott Tipton's Comics 101. I stole some of his pictures, I do not take credit for the work he did to upload them. He is allowed to hurt me, but remember "Imitation is the best form of flattery... suck on that cliché"!

Food, folks, and Mandarin Chicken!


Benhur said...

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Amol said...

Hey Ben,
Stark's mentor's comment reminded me of an Onion column I read. Apparently this is part of a wider phenomenon where "colored" sidekicks sacrifice their lives for the white hero. We're such a giving people... all of us:


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