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Comic Book Enthusiast Vs. Justin Lin

Last night I got a chance to check out a Q&A session with famous Asian American director Justin Lin. In true comic fanboy spirit, I had to capture his essence through photography. Also in true comic fanboy spirit, I stuttered most of my sentences and I think I soiled my pants! Oh well!

It was a good chance to meet with someone who inspires me to keep doing what I'm doing. As well, I find that it is at those moments I can place the human side to those heroes I perceive as being myth and legend. If you want a chance to meet Justin Lin, check out The Chicago Asian American Film Festival. Tomorrow night is the premier and you can meet Asian American celebs and of course, Benhur B. Calaguas. Although I'm not very famous, I'll be a mere spectator... but with a devilish plot to spread the good news of comic books to all those innocent mortals!

May the Nations of the World Tremble!

Its been two weeks but I'm still in awe by the fact that I finally got to teach my workshop at MAASU. I feel like that family that passed all the physical challenges in Double Dare. I did get some prizes like a fancy motel room and two bags of m&m, a bounty fit enough for the Sub-Mariner!

But seriously, it was a good time. My workshop was pretty packed and the students were a lot of fun to talk with. Plus, lots of love goes out to the awesome U of I staff who were always so kind and putting up with all my crap.

if you ever need Benhur again, do not be afraid to summon me again!

Back to the Grid Iron

You guys don't know how good you have it, 2x the posts this week. I will admit this post is to make up for the lack of posts from last week. Perhaps, this simple offering will quell your thirst for knowledge, if not I'll buy you a pizza.

So last time we met we got to talking about the origin of Iron Man, a classic Silver Age character. And what we discovered were some of the horrible characterization of Vietnamese people during the early stages of the Vietnam War. But this would not be the last time Iron Man would be facing foes from Eastern shores.

In fact, one of Iron Man's greatest foes would be another brother from Communist Asia...

The Mandarin!

You'll notice a common look to The Mandarin:

1. Long Skinny Mustache
2. Evil, mad scientist
3. Cat like, slanted eyes
4. Residual hair loss that makes his head look more skeletal

If I didn't know any better I would have mistaken him for Fu Manchu. Yes, the stereotype for all Asian villains lives on and most proudly on The Mandarin.

Premiering in Tales of Suspense #50 The Mandarin was spicier than General Tso's Chicken and he had a little help from his Ten Rings of Power.

Although, I will say those ten rings did not help to improve his costume. I mean here's a simple rule:

NO Shirt!
NO Shoes!
NO Pants!


But for some reason Iron Man allows it! As the story goes: The Mandarin was once a powerful Chinese government official, until ol' Charmian Mao and company decided it was time for a change. That's when Mandi took a walk around a haunted valley and found himself an alien ship that housed Ten Golden Rings and a dead alien dragon man, talk about hitting the jack pot.

With his new bling, Mandi took over a small village and established a plan to take over the world. Thanks to Ironsides, democracy overcomes and Mandi high tales it to some other desert fortress to scheme once again.

And this would go on for years people, years! He even manged to take on the Hulk which to no one's surprise he chalks up another loss.

Its the Hulk... did you really think you could win?

It would also be no surprise that The Mandarin would be the main villain in two of Iron Man's animated features:

Also, the new Iron Man movie will have the Mandi as the main villain. Seriously, I just think we are beating a dead horse. And more than I love beating horses so that I can consume their flesh to continue my youthful immortality, kidding! I just think Iron Man has more pressing foes to battle, like alcoholism or Stilt Man.

He will be missed!

Well the point still remains, we are knee deep in the Silver Age and still no sign of any Asian or Asian American hero coming to our rescue. What ever shall we do? Well don't look at me folks, I'm still doing my best right now to recover all of the Mandarin's Ten Rings of Power!

One more to go!

Join me next time folks when we take a look at another Chinese Super Villain... or wait is he a hero?

The Radioactive Man Cometh!

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