Short Hiatus!

Plight of the Asian American Superhero Coming to MAASU

Sorry, I know I have to go for a short time (Two Weeks Tops, I promise!). But all my begging worked and I'm heading to teach a workshop at U of I! Topic of course is what is on this site, so if you want more of me check out: MAASU. Or if you can't attend just wait a bit and yes I will tell you all about Iron Man! Wish me luck!

Thanks to a certain someone, who believed in me all the way and never gave up!

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Stephanie said...

hey benhur!! hope maasu is going well :) wish i could have been there!! i just wanted to invite you to register for my new blog...if you wanna cross post some of your entries...get some more traffic to your site and help out a good cause :) peace!