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NO! Batman he's too young to be your new Ward!

Above is a scene from the Easter Weekend, bring with it choc bunnies and whole armies of peeps. Although the weather here was not forgiving and I don't have that Spring Time feeling. Global warming is making the future very barren and bleak. Its the perfect environment to raise highly evolved rats and cockroaches, and only I shall rule them with an Iron Fist. Sorry! I was just dreaming again! But at least my nephew makes me proud by following in my footsteps as another solider in the Batman Family.

Folks! I've been working really hard this week and I am proud to announce that I, Benhur "The Defender of Asia" Calaguas will be heading over to NIU. For those of you who missed my workshop at MAASU now is your opportunity for your eyes to gaze at majesty that is my vast geek knowledge. Don't believe your eye's then check out the NIU Events Calender!

Here's the info:
Date: 4/11/2007 | Time: 9:00 pm
Location: Asian American Center
Speaker: Benhur Calaguas
Calendar: Speakers, Cultural/Diversity/International, Asian American Resource Center (AARC)

Details: Journey back in time to discover the history of comic books through the Asian American perspective by Benhur Calaguas a DePaul University Alumnus and comic book enthusiast.

Sponsor/Contact: Asian American Resource Center | http://www.niu.edu/aac
Contact: Michelle Bringas | Phone: (815) 752-1177
E-mail: AsianAmericanCenter@niu.edu

I'm not good with directions or even where exactly I'm going to be in Dreamy DeKalb. So be sure to contact the very awesome Michelle Bringas and please tell her that you're coming! The more the merrier!

I would like to thank a Special Friend for making this event happen! And you should thank this person as well! Alright folks! Let me be as I refine my teaching skills for appeasing you guys is a cruel mistress!

You shall not be forgotten, good tidings ahead!


Anonymous said...

Judah Benhur. It has been too long since your last post.
Rectify the situation forthwith! Galactus demands it.

Martin said...